Its my first time using IPTV how do i start?

  • Choose a server from our list of servers on our website. (Contact Us If you need any help in choosing servers)
  • Select how many months of service you want. ( 1month upto 12 months )
  • Select your device type. ( Select Device you are using eg. MAG, AVOV, DREAMLINK ANDROID BOX Etc )
  • Check out & Pay
  • We will send you the order details / portal URL usually in less than 12 hours

Can I get my Activation sooner?

Usually, we send out order details in less than 24 hours. Sometimes its instant if one of our support agents is online working on processing orders.

Do You Offer Free Trials ?

We can provide you free trails only on 4K Express. Send us a message. However when you send us a message please describe your full device details, like mac address and device name

Also all of the servers our servers have been tested with more than 7000 people before they are available for your purchase to ensure their stability & reliability. You can now buy with confidence from our shop or contact us with what you are looking at and we will help you in choosing a server that’s a right fit for you.

Can I run One subscription on multiple devices?

Every IPTV Subscription is activated on a unique MAC Address and therefore it cannot be used on multiple devices. If you try to use it on a different device, the system will automatically block the service and won’t load.

Can i watch Iptv from anywhere in the world ?

Yes, you access our IPTV service from any corner of the world there is no country restriction.

What is the minimum internet speed required?

15mbps and Up. Higher the better!

Devices Supported

Is MAG BOX / AVOV / DREAMLINK/ Buzz Tv Boxes Supported ?

Yes, our server works best with Mag, Avov, Buzz Tv & Dreamlink Devices. Please don’t forget to provide MAC Address of your box when you place order.

Is SMART TV Supported ?

Smart Tv works on our VooDoo Service using Smart IPTV APP and t also works on EXPRESS IPTV SERVER but only Using SMART STB APP ( Don’t Forget to include Virtual Mac Address while using smart stb in you order )

Is ANDROID BOX Supported ?

Yes we support android box in all of our servers. It will work using STB EMULATOR APP or KODI

Is ROKU Supported ?

Roku is not supported on Express and VooDoo services at the moment.


How do I renew my current Iptv Subscription ?

Renewing is easy, simply place a new order of the same server you were on & in options select “I am Renewing my Old Subscription” and we will find your old order and renew it.

If I order for 1 Month will my subscription be automatically renewed?

No, if you paid for one month your subscription will automatically expire after that period. In order to keep using it, you will need to order another month or a year, however, you feel comfortable with.


How much do I have to pay to get started?

Our IPTV Subscription Packages Start from $12 a month, you can choose to go with 6months or 1 year after you are satisfied with our service and you have found a server that suits you needs.

How Do I go about making payment ?

We accept all major Credit cards and Debit Visa Cards. You can also pay by paypal.


What is your Refund Policy ?

No refunds will be issued once your order has been activated at our end, you are responsible for your purchase. Once we activate the credit on your name this action is irreversible. So please be careful when making a selection. Email us if you have any questions before purchase.